Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.

Jessica/16/ ♑

Hello I am Jessica and sometimes I do Art and Crafts. I like Cats and Homestuck.

I’m currently in the Progress of making a Video game in RPG Maker, and this is Annabelle’s, the Protagonist, Design. I’m unsure which Outfit I want her to wear, but I think the First one suits her Personality more.

I’ve grown quite fond of her!

[On Deviantart]

I made Don’t hug me I’m scared Bookmarks!
I also took process Pictures, so I may or may not make a small tutorial for them!!

Based on aishanekos wonderful designs!

(Sorry for the low Quality Pictures.)

Hey look it’s my OC, Iris.

0002 is super cute with a Ponytail.

This Lady is in desperate need of more fanart.

Here’s a little Mermaid Charm!

I made a Nepeta with Polymer Clay! I’m really happy about how it looks!

I’m especially proud that I managed to paint her face right!

I love Jade so much

Did someone say it’s Karezi Day

The Hamburger Set - Earrings and Necklace

Made with Polymer Clay!